Case Report: A Rare Case of Intra-articular Cavernous Hemangioma of the Knee

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Tushar Kadam
Mohan Desai


Aims: Intra-articular cavernous hemangioma is a rare benign tumour with fewer than 200 cases described in literature. It is a form of congenital vascular malformation which can be difficult to diagnose in routine clinical practice.

Case: We present case of a 20 years old female with recurrent painful knee swelling, which remained undiagnosed for 9 years. Blood investigations were equivocal.

Discussion: Although rare, such tumours can be frequently disabling with pain, recurrent effusions and restricted range of motion being amongst the common symptoms. Multiple episodes run the risk of causing cartilage damage at an early age. Imaging studies like MRI remain gold standard.

Conclusion: High index of suspicion is required for early diagnosis and optimum management.

Adolescent, hemangioma, knee, MRI, cartilage damage

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