Caries of Elbow: An Infrequent Location with Diagnostic Quandary: A Case Report

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Tarun Kumar
Lucky Verma
Bhanu Awasthi
Jasbir Singh
Sajid Khan


Tuberculous disease of elbow is a very rare entity and constitutes approximately 2-5% of all cases of skeletal tuberculosis and accounts for 10% of all extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. The disease starts from lower end humerus, olecrenon region or from upper end of radius. We report a case of extra pulmonary Tuberculosis involving left elbow joint. Early diagnosis and intervention is very necessary to prevent serious joint and bone destruction. Although biopsy is required to make definitive diagnosis, it is imperative that Orthopedician understand the typical clinical presentation and radiological imaging. Reviews of literature with emphasis on clinical manifestations, laboratory findings and imaging features are studied.

Tuberculosis, CBNAAT, adenosine deaminase, MRI, AFB

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Kumar, T., Verma, L., Awasthi, B., Singh, J., & Khan, S. (2020). Caries of Elbow: An Infrequent Location with Diagnostic Quandary: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 3(4), 13-18. Retrieved from
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