2018 - Volume 1 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Spontaneous Avulsion of the Tibial Tubercle Following Osgood-Schlatter Lesion in an Adult

Alexander Schuh, Raimund Forst, Albert Fujak, Tarun Goyal, Wolfgang Hönle

Case Study

Antero-medial Closed Enucleation of the Talus: A Case Report

S. Benzarti, T. Mouelhi, H. Kaziz, M. A. Triki, M. L. Ben Ayeche, N. Naouar

Original Research Article

Clinical Urogenital Findings in Post Traumatic Pelvic Injuries Diagnosed with Plain Radiography in Southwestern Nigeria

A. O. Adebola Yusuf, A. P. Adefalujo, E. E. Emmanuel, O. F. Ajiboye, K. H. Tijani, R. A. Akinola

Review of Antibiotics Usage in the Management Open Fracture in a Nigerian Hospital

T. C. Wariboko, D. C. Obalum, S. E. Ibeanusi, T. O. Alonge, A. N. Fashina

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